Monday, May 11, 2009

Thee Doodles...

So a few posts ago I showed you guys the drawing I made for my Thank You cards this year. It was two chicks screaming and ripping out their hair. I named them my "Thank You Gals". Ben Li left a comment that requested I make some "Thank You Dudes". So I did and here they are. Ben gets to keep the original sketch.
Here's a drawing of some 80's, post-apocalyptic guy with 80's hair.
This here is the second original concept sketch I did for Stacy and Sally. The one on the Right is pretty much the final design. The dumb girl on the Left (your left) needed some work. I'll post those sketches up sometime this week.


Marnie said...

So I think they sound a lot like you when they conversate (and what I mean by that is only when you intentionally sound retarded)
Okay that was supposed to be funny, but it sounds VERY boring. drat.

Jeremy Polgar said...