Saturday, November 15, 2008

Some More Sketches

September and October were pretty good sketch months.  I was having a lot of fun figuring out some new techniques and just drawing.

Doodle Mountain

So yeah, these were tons of fun.  I was just up one night and wanted to chill out by doing some doodles.  I first started out doing pencil drawings then I began making some nice confident lines, but they were to light to see on the page without me going back over them and losing their initial energy.  Then I grabbed a ball point pen and had at it.  I did a couple of pages of these nonsense doodles and then decided to consolidate the doodles into composition.  And that's how the drawing you see on the top was made.  I call it "Doodle Mountain".  You should really take a good look around.  You'll find some sneaky, funny stuff.   

Friday, November 14, 2008

Rough Pillow Man Animation

I've been getting antsy working with these complicated models for this Guitar Hero project.  So I finally caved and did this stupid animation for fun tonight just so I can remind myself how much I love it.  It worked and I might be doing more stupid rough animations for fun.  I hope you enjoy this and not judge it too harshly considering it was done in an hour and a half.