Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Watch Russ Meyer's "Super Vixens

The crazy thing about these drawings is that I didn't exaggerate any of them.  These proportions are real.  REALLY.  Check out Russ Meyer.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

5 Second Animation Day 2010!

Since I couldn't properly post the film on my blog, I leave you with some stills. However, be sure to check out the film at this link:

About the film:
This year for 5 Second Animation Day at Titmouse I worked on one episode of Ginger Jack-Off. It's a character my friend, Matt Taylor, and I came up with about a year ago. Essentially, we just wanted to make something weird and funny.
Also please keep in mind that I wasn't going for the best animation here. The challenge for me was to make a narrative in a day. Something that I find rather difficult for myself to do. I'm just glad it's done.

I gotta give my special creds to Juno LEE for animating that horrific, sci-fi butthole, Kyohei Takayama for doing all the Back grounds in the film and Matt Taylor and Ashley Fischer for providing me with some sweet voice acting.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Some SPARE animation...

How often do you hear that one. My good friend, Juno Li, suggested I try this animation exercise in timing. Have your character do an antic and then make him/her jump within a 1-2 frame blur into mid-air pose. Then jumble around from pose to pose on 4's with no inbetweens and land that sucka. Holy shit it works! Thanks Japan.

Lightening fx were added later for fun. Another "Juno" suggestion.

I've been meaning to post more...

So here's another doodle page. I referenced one of those gals. Guess which.

Die Antwoord Follow Up!

Yo check this out. I sent that fan-art out to Die Antwoord's facebook page and this how they responded. Nice!

DIE ANTWOORD commented on your link:
"Holy Jesus Jeremy Polgar!!! This is fuckin beserk!!! Full flex warp spasm my blaar! You tha fuckin mango! Once pappi!!! NINJA uit (my new screen saver!!!)"