Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Stacy and Sally"

See those girls in the bottom left corner arguing with eachother? They're Stacy and Sally. "Stacy and Sally"is a web comic idea I conceived of while taking my morning shower several weeks ago. The concept is that they're the dumbest, most selfish, and self-degrading girls in the whole entire universe! I need to make one soon.


damon said...


I want to see the comic

Jeremy Polgar said...


Marnie said...

First: You draw in flash?
Second: Disgusting. I like how Stacy's bottom lip has receeded off her face.
Third: I love it!

Kiki said...

haha these are great! love these girls and how disgustingly perfect their facial expressions are! :D

Marnie said...

I want MOOOORe!