Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Killers- Ms. Atomic Bomb

Cool!  It's finally out!  This was my first animation directorial debut.  I was really happy to work so closely with director-director Warren Fu!  And especially my crew of insanely talented artists, animators and compositors that made it all possible.  I hope you like it:V

Thank and congratulations to Jen Ray, Parker Simmons, Dave Gerhard, Braden Poirier and Andrew Wilson, Joanna Park, Howard Chen, Abraham Martinez, Derek Kosol, Bobby Walker, Mike Newton, Thomas McDonnell, Yuri Fain, Jonathan Rawlings, Garret Hagen, Deena Beck, Yanise Cabrera, and of course to the wonderfully talented and inspirational music video director... Warren Fu.

Special thanks also to Ben Kalina, Steve Jacobson, Lauren Hecht, Peedee Shindell, and Kayla Reid!!!