Monday, June 25, 2012

Motorcity Rough Animation No2


Here’s a breakdown of some animation I did for this weeks episode of Motorcity, “Blond Thunder”.  Originally this was not on my shot list hence I begged Ben Kalina to hook it up. I felt it was an important and iconic shot for the episode and wanted to treat it that way.
I also kept in mind that “No.2” is a sexy and cool character-design and therefore should move sexy and cool. 
Anyways.  I put this video together to share my general animation process with you.  It demonstrates the development and progress of the rough key animation to the final-rough line animation with inbetweens. I hope this is fun and insightful.  Thanks for watching:)


boob said...

Motorcity is an unbelievably well animated show for a television production. You've got some great stuff here.

What version of Flash are you guys using? I've slowly been regretting every version past Flash 8 and I'm wondering what the industry standard is for Flash work. I can't bring myself to relearning everything in ToonBoom's Animate.

Anywho - great stuff!

Jeremy Polgar said...

HEY!! Cool to hear from you. We actually have met at comic con. I showed you and your friend my demo reel with the space babe and the alien-rabbit. To answer your question. We've stuck with Flash CS3. It's the best version so far. Thanks for visiting!