Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lacking weight...line weight

It's been fun working on season 2 of Super Jail thus far.  I've even learned a good way to draw with no line weight.  I'm liking the way it looks.


Dr. Ew Newman said...

Love it. IT was great seeing you again man. Zombie room is holdin this shit DOWN. no line weight is a tough sell but I'd like to see more experiments man. These are still showing plenty of that jeremy's girl attitude.

Jeremy Polgar said...

Thanks, man. It was really great seeing you too. Zombie is definitely maintaining it's badass rep. So no problems there. I'm definitely gonna be messing with the no line weight thing. I think it has a cool draftsman look to it.

Historian said...

these are niiiice!

haha i'm so amped that you're locked up in the superjail. bucket-lazers.