Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hey welcome back.  Felicia and I just returned from our 10 day excursian to Thailand.  We got to check out tons of stuff while we were there.  Here's some sketches I did during our trip.  They pretty much blow since I was usually drawing on moving things (cars, planes, boats, elephants, etc.).  I also included a photograph of me and my girlfriend posing with this elephant.  It took my money and bowed back to me a couple of times soon after the picture was taken.

Feel free to check out some more of our photos on Felicia's Picasa page @


Historian said...

dude. elephants are rad!

good job. i hope you had the awesomest adventure of all!!!!

i like the guy with steaming buckets. mostly because of the buckets, but also because that dude loves fighting.

did you see that guy for real? Also did you see Thai people fighting? (they LOVE fighting!)

Welcome back (yourself).

Jeremy Polgar said...

Elephants Are Rad. For sure. I unfortunately didn't really see any dudes that were representing that hard, but there were definitely chunks of Thailand that felt like the drawing. We unfortunately didn't have enough time or money to see a kick boxing show, but yes it's true. Thai people love fighting.

Tony Pantaleo said...

Bangkok! C'mon, gotta love the grade school humor. Thanks for sharing the pics though. One of the spots reminded me of that scene from the Mortal Kombat movie. And than I said to myself, now I gotta find that Mortal Kombat movie to watch now!

7414Stars said...

Phi Phi Island!
Fantastic sketches you did. Wow.

You can visit Indonesia next time I go home and see Mount Merapi :p