Sunday, March 21, 2010

5 Second Animation Day 2010!

Since I couldn't properly post the film on my blog, I leave you with some stills. However, be sure to check out the film at this link:

About the film:
This year for 5 Second Animation Day at Titmouse I worked on one episode of Ginger Jack-Off. It's a character my friend, Matt Taylor, and I came up with about a year ago. Essentially, we just wanted to make something weird and funny.
Also please keep in mind that I wasn't going for the best animation here. The challenge for me was to make a narrative in a day. Something that I find rather difficult for myself to do. I'm just glad it's done.

I gotta give my special creds to Juno LEE for animating that horrific, sci-fi butthole, Kyohei Takayama for doing all the Back grounds in the film and Matt Taylor and Ashley Fischer for providing me with some sweet voice acting.

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