Sunday, February 21, 2010


So last week at Titmouse our new line producer, Alissa, sent out this mass e-mail to everyone. Inside were these contents

I recommend you watch it and get your mind blown/confused. Anyhow, needless to say it totally inspired me and I quickly became a fan theirs over night.

About this doodle:
I did the initial sketch pretty fast, but then the noodling took me forever. I'm just happy to have a final version to show to you and Die Antwoord tonight. Hope you dig it.

Also check out these videos to see where all of my inspiration came from:


Angelo Hat said...

AWESOME! You really got there personas down. This is the first vid I've scene of them, check it out:

Jeremy Polgar said...

Sweet! Thanks, Angelo. I love the vid. That's one hell of an introduction. I think I was about 3 Die Antwoord vids in by the time I saw that one. Pretty awesome and funny. Anyhow, glad you approve.

Ben said...

lol, that rapper dude looks kinda like a gunmen from GL, accurate representation mang. so many friking hand signs.

Marnie Brumder said...

Oh man and I ACTUALLY like that kind of thing!
Haha these drawings are spot on.

Marnie Brumder said...

Wait a minute! I must also comment on the shapes! Holy shit! Shapes! I love how the middle guy has a 3-dimensional rhombus neck!

Anonymous said...

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Historian said...

this is amazing-lazers. you+themstyle=makes sense

i hope that is becomes standard for all weird rappers to have their characters drawn by you.

ahgh south ahfricans are so gnarly haha...

Historian said...

...and yeah i'll commission you.

we should do a thing where i make a bonkers song and you draw a picture. then i take elements from the picture you drew and do after effexy stuff with them to incorperate into a musical video-experience for the interwebs...


Jeremy Polgar said...


kanishk said...

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