Monday, March 16, 2009

Hey, Friends! Celebrate my 25th birthday with me on March 28th!

Hey, Friends,

I spent too much time making this party flyer, but I'm at least happy with how it turned out. Anyhow, what's more important is that you and your friends stop by or stay the night, Saturday March 28th. The party will be at my apartment. So shoot me an e-mail, or give me a call or something if you want to get down and party. It'll be my 25th birthday and I'm ready to celebrate the first quarter of my life.


Kristina Bustamante said...

Oh, my God...this flyer is made of so much WIN!!! I want to say more, but my brain has died from too much awesome!

Kristina Bustamante said...

Oh, yay! I can think better now! that you, Claire Wendling?

Jeremy Polgar said...

hahaha, yeah. I was definitely under her influence when I drew this.

Mike Moloney said...

Damn dude, i just stared at this today at Titmouse, such an awesome drawing. I love all the colors/girls/ships. So rad, your flyer would be a badass show

Matthew B said...

I'd say it again, this is so fruckin good and awesome and delicious.

Marnie said...

So I love this!

ryan said...

so your party is gonna have hot chicks riding space crafts? i'm in.

Historian said...

im a dumbass and i just realized that this is a drawing of a future where the coolest most stylish rad chill babes fly around on couches, that you don't even have to drive, you can just kick back and be soooo cooool the whole way there!! I always liked this illustration, but only just now did I realize how much concept work there was in it... damn, guy... you killed it...

Jeremy Polgar said...

Historian: Thanks, man! You GOT it.

Anonymous said...

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